About Me

My name is Kierstin Wall, I have recently spent a semester in Khon Kaen, Thailand, on a Development and Globalization program. Wow, was that an experience. I learned about everything from organic versus chemical ag and land rights issues, to dam, gold mining and energy issues. After helping to develop a fish co-operative in Surin province and returning to the states, I find myself looking for ways to bring more awareness into our own food system and how important it is to eat and live sustainably.

As a Public Communication major, I will be scrutinizing the role media plays in our food system. This blog will be my educational experiment to learn as much as I can about eating in America, as well as analyzing how industrialized messages grew into this ‘bigger is better’ paradigm we live in today, and how we can start to change that way of thinking into smaller, more sustainable ways of life.


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