College and Earth Week

Last week, I talked about Millennials and how this particular generation could be the first generation of change for our food system. Yesterday being Earth Day, I thought it best to share in some Earth Day festivities, which are becoming more and more popular as our generation sees the importance in ‘greening up’ our earth.

seedbombThe University of Vermont hosts Earth Week every year. A week full of events, workshops, speakers, and giveaways focused on creating a healthier environment. The week begins with an Earth Day photo taken on the student activity center’s ‘green roof’, a farmer’s market, bike tune-ups and discounted helmets, documentary screenings, lectures, ending with a plant your own seedling event, and an Arbor Day celebration! These activities are all sponsored by clubs and teams whom students have the ability to join and become more involved with.

College campus’ have a huge role to play surrounding issues concerning our environment. As some of the largest institutions see over 30,000 students, (Arizona state see’s nearly 60,000 undergraduates) these schools have a big impact while feeding and housing their students. Some universities, like UVM, are doing a pretty decent job at minimizing their footprint.

I believe that one of the reasons Millennials may have a strong desire for connections, quality products, locally sourced and healthy foods, and see the importance of keeping our earth clean is because of their college experiences. Many students transition through that awkward high school time, and find their true characteristics, interests, and talents while in higher education. Would you think that your college’s activities, interests and beliefs would align with your own? I would think this is the case with the majority of college students.

The University of Vermont, turns out graduates who truly divestment-300x210believe we can change our world for the better. Who believe in good, healthy food, a healthy environment, and strong communities. This is what I’m seeing as I watch my fellow classmates go off into the ‘real world’.

Events like UVM’s Earth Week have a significant impact on the student body, creating communities dedicated yo change. Our college experiences, both in and out of the classroom, help shape who we are. And I think UVM is doing a pretty great job at it. To see continuous updates about UVM’s Earth Week, see their Facebook page!

What did your campus’ do to celebrate Earth Day?

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2 thoughts on “College and Earth Week

  1. Though we are not on a campus, our family took out the shears and cutters Earth Day weekend to save a fir tree being strangled by invasive species. Vines were growing to the very top. Our seven year old grandson was so excited to be saving a life that he’s been telling everyone about it ever since ! It has been so joyous for all of us to see him and the tree free again. So… we are planting seeds in our next generations…

  2. On Friday April 26, Arbor Day, the Town of Guilford CT, Conservation Commission is holding an event by providing hard wood seedlings to residents (with growing instructions and care) in conjunction with its 375th Anniversary to plant 375 (or more) trees.

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