Necessary [r]Evolution for a Sustainable Food System

We talk about all these issues: obesity epidemic, hazardous agricultural practices, food shortages, hunger, higher costs and poorer quality food. I have discussed how important it is to be media literate, to recognize these issues above and understand how your choices affect these. But who is doing anything to change this?


Well… we are.

The University of Vermont (UVM) is hosting its second Food Systems Summit, The Necessary [r]Evolution for Sustainable Food Systems 2013. The title of the Summit alone makes you want to stand up and do something. Necessary? Evolution? Revolution? That’s right.

food-summit-photo-300x300The Summit includes not only a public conference highlighting guest speakers from across the world, but also a Breakthrough Leaders Program. The Summit is determined to raise awareness and spark interest and action during the conference, but the Summit is also determined to create a group of ‘Breakthrough’ Leaders to help guide our food system away from its unsustainable practices and into the [necessary] future of a sustainable system.

Hooked yet?

This Summit is an important and imperative event. Vermont has all the potential to become a clear model for the rest of the country to follow. Here, David Schwartz, Campaign Director for the Real Food Challenge, talks about some challenges to this necessary change, and how as a young group of new leaders, we are able to overcome these set backs and go very far.

If you are interested in attending the conference, or applying for the Breakthrough Leaders Program you can do so online by following the links. There are more recordings of the guest speakers from the 2012 Summit here.

I hope this inspires you as it has inspired me!

NP 4/16


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