Real bread.

A few weeks ago I was overwhelmed with the opportunity of beginning my new position at Great Harvest Bread. Some of you might know the company because there are over 200 franchises owned nationwide. As a poor college student, I became familiar with my local Great Harvest when I discovered they gave out free slices of bread. FREE BIG SLICES.

FreeSliceAs part of the team, I not only became familiar with the purpose behind the free slice, but also how the owners of this local franchise are able to incorporate their own values in with the socially responsible vision behind Great Harvest Bread Co.

So. The free slice. Great Harvest Bread is all about creating an experience. This idea of marketing an ‘experience’ is not something new. Everything from clothing stores to music shops allure their customer’s with an experience depending on what products they are offering. At Great Harvest, it’s almost impossible not to feel positivity when you walk inside. Everything from the great smell, the warm air, sunlight cascading through the windows, a warm slice of bread in your hands and smiles all around. This can all be a bit overwhelming for some customers, and you know what they do? They buy things. Their senses are so overwhelmed that those who are not budgeting and can afford an extra loaf of bread, six pack of biscotti, and jar of almond butter are going to buy it! Bakery

Am I ashamed to be part of this marketing technique? No! Of course not! I am proud to promote our breads and products. We use local and organic ingredients in our breads and lunch items. I enjoy working with a company whose mission and values align with my own. The community that has grown in and around the bakery is incredible, and I am proud to continue to be a part of that.

Did I mention the  Honey Whole Wheat has only FIVE ingredients!? Whole wheat the bakery grinds fresh every morning, yeast, water, salt, and honey! Shout out to 100 Day’s of Real Food for enjoying Honey Whole Wheat bread!

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One thought on “Real bread.

  1. My husband and I walk past Great Harvest twice daily! I love the Cinnamon Bread! He loves anything carbs :)

    When do you work? He and I will have to stop in to see you and to grab a slice of bread.

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