Whole Foods GMO labeling

I have to admit I have only shopped at Whole Foods once because I don’t even know where one exists. Vermont doesn’t have any. I would like to visit one now though, and here’s why: Whole Foods’ new GMO labeling policy. A policy put in place earlier this week in which Whole Foods commits to full GMO transparency (labeling all of their products) by 2018.

Here is one new ad promoting the commitment:


This ad is aimed towards those who may be cautious about genetically modified foods, those who already shop at Whole Foods, or those who may be interested in shopping in Whole Foods. This ad can be found in Health, Fitness, and Beauty magazines, as well as, obviously, food and cooking magazines.

Whole Foods’ new policy has been a major success in the GMO debate; “pro-labler’s” are nodding with approval. As Whole Foods shoppers are likely to be those in search of GMO-free, organic, and local foods, this new step is also a huge success for Whole Foods. This policy change could bring many new customers to Whole Foods looking for GMO transparency, a great marketing technique, oh yes. Good work Whole Foods. You have my approval.

I hear there are some people who want the change to happen before 2018. Do you know how long it will take the company to have ALL of their products labeled? I think five years is an achievable, acceptable timeline. What do you think?

Here is the article about the new policy as well as some information about the GMO debate.

And this is the official statement from Whole Foods:

NP 3/12


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