The dirty dozen and clean fifteen…

Environmental Working Group Dirty Dozen Plus Clean 15 ListIt was time to go grocery shopping. I had a pound of organic butter and 1/2 gallon of organic sauerkraut in the fridge. Both of which were given to me for volunteering at the NOFA conference last weekend… it was time.

Which brings me to the one thing you should remember to bring with you to the grocery store, (besides your $1 off your next Hannaford’s purchase coupon):

The Dirty Dozen Plus and the Clean 15 list.

This list reminds you what produce you should buy organic and what is okay to buy conventionally based on tests done by the Environmental Working Group. This list is really helpful for those on a budget, because yes, it is okay to buy the cheaper conventionally grown asparagus.

I also made some of THESE on this snowy, lazy Sunday. YES.



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