Are you eating ingredients BANNED by other countries?

bad cereal

Everyone knows America is in the midst of an obesity epidemic right? Do any of you believe that the U.S. government has something to do with it? After reading a post on one of my ‘role model’ blogs, 100 days of real food, this was surely an eye-opener. I’m not blogging about conspiracy theories or anything like that, but trust me on this one- you want to read on.

Guest blogger Food Babe, posted an article How Food Companies Exploit Americans with Ingredients Banned in Other Countries. After spending four months in Thailand, I noticed that 1. Thai’s put condensed milk on EVERYTHING. And 2. that corn syrup does not exist in Thailand. Soda and 7-11 snacks don’t have ‘hydrogenated corn syrup’ in the ingredient list. That was the first hint that something fishy was going on in the states.

Food Babe includes the list of ingredients that are banned in other wealthy countries but are used in everyday household food items many Americans consume daily. These ingredients include harmful GMO’s, the ever-dangerous high fructose corn syrup, MSG (an additive that causes food cravings), artificial colors, carcinogens (such as sodium benzoate), chemicals (dimethylpolysiloxane and TBHQ), and additives like azodicarbonamide and BHT which cause many detrimental health effects. (Azodicarbonamide is banned in UK, Europe, and Australia and you can go to jail for using it in Singapore.)

Even something many young folks might find as a healthy alternative to breakfast: instant oatmeal, has added flavors and dyes and ‘fake fruit’ when in the UK they get the real dried strawberries… what’s up with that?

Major food corporations and chemical company lobbyists have persuaded our government to protect their profits, the USDA and FDA are receiving benefits from these large industries as well, and do you think big business medical companies want us healthy? No, because then we wouldn’t need medications and hospitals.

Because of how our society is run, it is extremely important to know your facts. Educate your children about food television commercials. Scratch that. Educate YOURSELF about food television commercials. Know what you are being tempted to buy and make an educated decision based on facts. How many ingredients are in the product? Author of 100 Days of Real Food recommends not buying anything with more than 5 ingredients in it, unless you are making it yourself at home. Understand that many fast food chains and even small grocery stores and markets are owned by larger business companies that support GMO’s and chemical additives.

Picture 3

Just look at this posted on the front of the Rice Krispies website. I know I ate Rice Krispies as a child. And what mother would have thought something so small and made with ‘whole grains’ could harm their children? We know what BHT can do to us now…

Don’t be fooled by large conglomerates, while one person cannot persuade our government to change our food policies and standards, one person can make the right food choices today. And until we make enough noise for change, these tricks from the food industry and the media that supports them will continue. It is up to us to make informed decisions about what is ‘served’ to us and whether or not we should eat it.
Eat well.

NP 2/12


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