It’s nice to be here

My fist post should go something like this right?

I can't get enough kale

I can’t get enough kale

I like food, I like supporting local businesses, and I think I like blogging… well, so do these folks. Looking at three food related blogs: The Healthy Home Economist, Chewswise, and Civil Eats, I was able to take a glimpse at the type of blogosphere I am about to enter and find some inspiration and ideas through these ‘role model bloggers.’ While each of these blogs are different, I would like to focus on raising awareness about local and organic food, and then take a look at the media’s relationship surrounding organic and local foods, and what kind of food media literacy it takes to determine where your food comes from, what is in it, and what the food does to your body.

The Healthy Home Economist talks a lot about healthy food choices, made the traditional, organic and local way. With a Bachelor in Economics and a Master in Government Administration, Sarah, author of The Healthy Home Economist, combines healthy food tips and recipes with insightful opinions in agriculture policy, gardening, activism and more.

Civil Eats, with a tagline, “promoting critical thought about sustainable agriculture and food systems,” has a more encompassing view; acting as a news source with over 100 contributors to spark discussions and promote ‘economical and socially just communities.’

Lastly, Chewswise, is a blog created by Samuel Fromartz who had the simple goal of spreading the word on sustainable and organic food. All of these blogs have a similar audience: those wanting to learn more about healthy, organic food, as well as wanting to stay informed on current agriculture news.

These blogs promote healthy discussions around sustainable agriculture, eating healthy, and even building community through food. This is the blog world that I would like to enter into, I only hope that I can make educated opinions as well as these folks!

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